Meeting on Monitoring the spread of invasive species in Kolkheti National Park

SABUKO and all the rest partners of the project has been implementing a project since 2020 – Joint Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea Basin – to identify common threats to biodiversity in protected areas around the Black Sea Basin and to develop actions to address the threats.

Kolkheti National Park was selected from Georgia for the project, in which one of the threats is the spread of invasive species. It was the meeting dedicated to the importance of monitoring the spread of invasive species in Kolkheti National Park, which was held by the representatives of Sabuko for the interested public in the administration of Kolkheti National Park.

The project expert, Vaso Metreveli, the forester, informed the participants about the dangers posed by invasive species, as well as gave a detailed overview of the invasive species common in Kolkheti. The meeting focused on species monitoring as one of the important mechanisms required for the management of invasive species. The meeting was attended by representatives of the National Park Administration, rangers, local government representatives, teachers and interested young people. The participants of the meeting shared their experiences and opinions on the fight against invasive species. After the training, all participants were involved in an interesting conversation regarding main methods used for control of invasive species. Within the framework of the project, informing the public interested in invasive species is planned in the future as well.