New Gauging station at Pichori river and Paliastomi Lake

On May 29, 2022 SABUKO staff members and hydrologyst visited Kolkheti National Park in order to install hydrological station for water level observation. at Pichori river and Paliastomi Lake.

A systematic study of the hydrological regime of water bodies is necessary to obtain information on water levels, costs, solid sediments, chemical composition of water, temperatures, frost and other elements. The study of the regime of water bodies is necessary for the calculation of water management, for the design of various types of hydraulic structures, for their construction and operation, for the planning of tourist routes, paths, etc.

Representatives of the LEPL Agency of Protected Areas were also involved in the development of the project, who identified the needs of the Kolkheti National Park, therefore, the relevant activities were planned taking into account the identified needs. One of the needs identified during the consultation was an assessment of the hydrological condition of Lake Paliastomi. Appropriate actions were planned and implemented for this purpose. Among them, water level hydrological gauges were installed and the topographic data required for the conservation work on Paliastom Lake were verified. Results and full report will be available upon completion of the project.