Visit in Kolkheti National Park

Research teams from the four project partner organizations participated in field trip in Kolkheti National Park. All participants travelled to the Park on 9th of August, 2022 and visited the area itself on 10th of August, 2022. The event was organized within the Cross-border working meeting in Georgia, Tbilisi.  Participants visited the administration of Kolkheti National Park and met administration staff. Afterwards, press conference was held in the Naval Training Center of the city of Poti. Participants from Armenia, Bulgaria and Romania presented to the invited guests presentations about their study area in their home countries. Director and the head of administration of Kolkheti National park  and the manager of the BSB-ECO Monitoring project from Georgian side opened the meeting. After the meeting, all participants were invited to take a boat trip to the Kolkheti National Park and visit some parts of the study area – Paliastomi lake, peatlands and Pichori river.