Air and Water quality monitoring systems for the project BSB ECO MONITORING

Smart platform for collecting, processing and analyzing cross-border compatible environmental data in BSB will be developed within the project Joint Monitoring for Environmental Protection in BSB countries.  Smart platform for remote river water quality and dust air measurement, Web-based cloud service for automatic data collection from wireless sensor networks and Web-based cloud service for video content etc. are positively related to environmental sustainability. Based on tender results, SABUKO contracted company ELKO LLC, which is going to supply and mount the equipment. The company is actively working in the field of Measurement, Control and Monitoring providing reliable solutions to our customers for Air Quality, Meteorology, Hydrology, Land Slide, Structural, Instrumentation and Process Monitoring. Project manager, hydrologist and representative of ELKO LLC company visited several potential sites, where the stations will be mounted.
The head of rangers of Kolkheti National Park, Emzar Malania accompanied and guided through the potential area to install the systems. The decision was made after long discussions and weighing up pros and cons, which improved our understanding of the situation and helped to avoid decision-making paralysis. Both Air and Water Quality Monitoring Station is going to be installed in front of rangers’ building, which is a littoral zone of Paliastomi lake and has following advantages over other sites:

  • Safe site;
  • Within boundaries of Protected Areas;
  • Good GSM signal strength;
  • Required additional needs (such as electricity) required for installation of this station.