Meeting in Kolkheti National Park

The most important formula for the implementation of successful projects in the field of environmental protection is the fruitful cooperation with the governmental sector and international organizations. In order to implement any project and maintain its sustainability it’s crucial to have the ability of working with the governmental bodies. While talking about successful cooperation with government agencies, we should mention the long-term cooperation experience of Sabuko with the Agency of Protected Areas. Sabuko has been actively working with the Agency and the Ministry in the field of conservation species, protecting important habitats and restoring landscapes. The result of good cooperational experiences are the successfully implemented or ongoing projects. In the middle of April, Sabuko – Society for Nature Conservation, PP4 of the ‘Joint Monitoring for Environmental Protection in BSB countries’ project had opportunity to visit Kolkheti National Park, covered by this project. The overall project objective is to contribute to increasing the level of availability of cross-border compatible environmental monitoring data and information in nature parks and protected areas in BSB.

Due to Covid – 19 regulations, Kick-off meeting of the project as well as meetings with stakeholders were held online. Researchers, experts and Sabuko’s several representatives together held a meeting in the administration building of Kolkheti National Park. Uniting the efforts between National Parks personnel and Sabuko’s Team contributes towards global points of interest for both sides. Agenda included many aspects such as: introduction to the project, overview of objectives and outcomes, methodology review and discussion on different topics related to Kolkheti National Park natural resources management. Up to 15 rangers, director of Kolkheti National Park, head of rangers, biodiversity officers and administration representatives participated in the meeting.