Expert training organized by REC Caucasus Armenia

EU funded  project BSB-884 “Joint Monitoring for Environmental Protection in BSB countries”, The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia, Regional Environmental Center for Caucasus Armenia Branch Office and the Green Age Environmental NGO carried out training for Dilijan National Park, Ijevan Forestry on a theme ′′Natural parks eco monitoring methodology and tools”.
Expert training aimed at developing knowledge and professional capacity on eco monitoring of forest and national parks, Armenian forests present state, their monitoring, climate impact, waste impact. During the training, plants and animal red book of the Republic of Armenia, invasive species, biodiversity conservation issues were discussed, Environmental Studies technology with Unmanned aerial vehicles.
A drones management training has been carried out on the presentation concerning the basic principles of drones management, drones and environmental monitoring, development, analysis and mapping.
Expert classes will be continuous and aimed at developing professional skills of national eco monitoring experts.