Air and water monitoring systems have been installed in Kolkheti National Park

In the framework of the project – “Joint Monitoring for Environmental Protection in BSB countries” – Sabuko installed air and water monitoring systems in Kolkheti National Park.

The project will create a smart platform for environmental data monitoring for the Black Sea Basin countries, which will enable the collection, processing and analysis of environmental data. Through a smart platform it will be possible to measure the parameters necessary to assess the quality and condition of water and ambient air and collect data. This is provided by a wireless touch network that stores the received information on a web-based cloud server.

The locations of the monitoring system were selected with the involvement of Sabuko representatives, Kolkheti National Park rangers and the company ELKO. Both air and water systems are located on the shores of Lake Paliastomi, near the Ranger Shelter. The system located at the selected location will be provided with security, electricity and a strong GPS signal, which ensures data continuity.